Good Core Circuit

  • By Jimmy
  • 27 June, 2013
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Here is a circuit I put together with a good core emphasis

10 – Thrust / Push Upcorecircuitcard

20 – Squat / Knee

10 – Tuck Jump

15 – V Sit Up

         Spiderman Crawl

         Frog Jump

15 – Jackknifes

         Power Plank

Core Circuit Printable workout attachment

Try this 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Do 2 to 4 sets depending on your fitness level. Give yourself just a few seconds between workouts. At the end of the circuit take a 60 sec break and do it again.

I like to roll over after the V Sit Ups directly into the Spiderman Crawl for about 10 to 15 steps then Frog Jump back to where i started

Thrust Push Ups

thrust push up beginning to endStart in a standing position – bend and touch the floor – kick your legs out into a push up position – do a Push Up – kick your legs back under you – stand up. That’s 1

Squat Knee Ups

squat knee upsDo a squat – rise and kick knee up – do a squat – rise and kick other knee up

Tuck Jumps

tuck jumpsJump – tuck your knees

V – Sit ups

v sit upLay flat on your back with arms extended – Lift your legs and try to touch your toes

Spiderman Crawl

spider man crawlOn your hands and feet with a flat back – reach forward with your left hand while simultaneously stepping forward with your right foot pushing your knee towards your right elbow – repeat with the opposite – for every step give yourself a push up in that position

Frog Jump

frog jumpSquat down – keep your back straight – leap forward directly into a squat position and repeat


jackknifesIn a Push Up position – Swiss ball at chins – tuck your knees towards your stomach rolling the ball onto your toes – roll back out

Power Planks

power plankOn your toes and elbows with a flat back – raise one leg for ten seconds – alternate legs – try and get 20 seconds total on each leg

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